Sunday, January 19, 2014

How to prepare for General Ability Test (GAT)

Non-verbal reasoning test involves pattern recognition. There are many forms of pattern recognition exercises. Some may be identifying the odd or similar shape; some may be looking for the hidden shape in a pattern; and some may involve the recognition of sequences. Here, we will focus on the recognition of sequences.

When come to recognition of sequences, you need to employ your inductive reasoning abilities to identify the pattern that comes next in the sequence. Inductive reasoning abilities are cognitive abilities that help you to manage uncertainty, to infer and to draw conclusions that go beyond the information given.

To identify the pattern in a sequence, you need to focus your attention and evaluate each pattern in the sequence in a systematic way. You need to identify the underlying rules of the sequence, how the pattern evolves to the next. You need to analyse each pattern in details. Here are some basic attributes that you need to look out for:

Changes in colour/shape/size

Increase or decrease in shape and size
Shrinkage or expansion of a shape
Changes in position of symbols
Rotation of shape in a certain angle or direction (clockwise or anticlockwise)
Changes in number of symbols
Look at general changes and similarities, between each pattern
Look at the different changes one at a time
Make possible conclusion of which one comes next?

To do well in a non-verbal reasoning test, you must keep clam and stay focus to examine the pattern.

Planning your test time:

The duration of the test and the number of questions tested vary from school to school. 
In general, you should approximately give 30 seconds for each question.
The level of difficulty increase as you goes along.
The most difficult questions are generally placed at the end of the test.
Do not skip a question (Attempt it and circle it).
Don’t be a perfectionist.
Avoid shading any of the shapes.
Should you have time left over, go back to those you have circled.

If you are looking for some practices to try out your non-verbal reasoning skills, you can fill in the practices exercise request form below. 

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