Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Direct School Admission: Spotting Questions

There are many, many questions worth spotting in a Direct School Admission (DSA) interview. Spotting questions and providing a 'model' answer for your prospective teachers may not secure you a spot in your desired secondary school/institution but it will give you an edge above those who do not do so. Of course, spotting these very common questions will also give yourself a confident boost during the interview.

Some very common questions which do come up in DSA interviews most of the time include the following. We have classified them into three main categories, school-relatedpersonality-related and interest-related.

School Related

1) What do you hope to achieve when you come to our secondary school?
2) What do you like about the facilities in our school?
3) Have you ever considered what CCA or special programme you would like to join upon joining our school?
4) What makes you choose our school instead of another?
5) Did you apply to get into another school through DSA?
6) What do you think are your chances of getting in into our school through DSA?

Personality Related

1) Describe yourself.
2) What are your studying habbits?
3) What is one of your best characteristics?
4) What about yourself do you want to improve on the most?
5) If you were given one special power, what would that be?
6) Is studies or giving to the community more important?

Interest Related

1) What are some of your hobbies?
2) What was the last book you read?
3) Any movie you really enjoyed?
4) Do you go explore further in your interests or even participate in competitions?
5) How do you think our school can support your interests?
6) Would you compromise on your interests or passion because of a busy study schedule our school may give you?

These are just some of the questions which our students have told us about and we think that it would be useful for the next generation of students going through DSA to consider. While this may not be a very comprehensive list, we hope that these can help you prepare a little and give yourself a confidence boost. Remember that in an interview, the interviewing teachers love to see a calm and confident student, these are the people who will truly stand out from the rest.

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